Intelligent systems

Ship control systems, or automation software, PLC programming, touch-sensitive LCD screen , electric and electronic services are all included in our services.


The future of Makrosis is looking bright as we work towards preventing world population global warming and energy waste.

Customer support

We develop technologies, implementation and marketing of this technology however . Customer support is actually a completely innovative approach in interactions with customers

Advanced technology

Makrosis Data Management (cloud computing) or functional sense of online information distribution; providing a common information sharing between computing devices fully adapted to the service and the latest technology adopted as a target .

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Visual Wealth - New Technologies


100 % intelligent design

Makrosis develops Makro Systems as well as keeping visual interaction offers and user friendly interface a priority.

Mobile applications

With our young, dynamic and experienced team, makrosis software will represents your business on iphone, android and windows mobile platforms ensuring that we meat your busines needs from beginning to end.

Easy customization

Taking into accordance with your requestes we will customize features to make easy changes in the future.

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Ship control systems

PLC - dcs programming
SCADA programming.

Cabin automation

Tank indicator

AC / dc monitor

Sintine alarm

Mobile applications

Lighting systems:
Using a smart phone, Internet or automation panel, you can easly control your lighting systems, yacht or ship.

Cabin automation:
Depending on the design of your yacht or ship, Using a touch screen panel you can control navigation, alarm, sintine and ground floor machinery. This panel will give you full control between client and server communication.

Entertainment systems
With makrosis private internet application control panel you can control sound,light and visual systems over internet or from touch screen control panel.

Alarm and security system
You can view your security cameras over the ethernet makrosis automation panel or you can view the security cameras on the internet too. If there is an alarm the information will show on your makrosis touch screen automation panel and the makrosis private mabile control panel with sms and e-mail.

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